Ice cream is good supper for littles!!

*claps hands*

An candys fer d’sert!!

Cammy knows how to make the BEST meals!

*puts on brainy glasses so i look smart* You know, studies show that candy and…

Thank you princess lollipop! If there’s one thing I can’t stand is people questioning the ‘tegridy a peter! ‘Specially in his brainy glasses!





This is my spoon jar! It’s something I can turn to when I’m feeling overwhelmed and depressed and need to stay busy. 

The stress of a chronic illness plus an anxiety disorder means I need this sort of thing a lot, and I thought it’d be fun to make it a physical thing rather than just a list (there’s something nice about a cute thing you can hold, you know?). It’s inspired by those cute little “date jars” going around Pinterest—except this is for a date with myself ^^

Instead of popsicle sticks, I found some great single-use wooden spoons, which are nice and lightweight, inexpensive, and have bowls shallow enough to write on! Finding a pen that wouldn’t bleed on the wood was a bit of a challenge, but once I found it, this was super easy to make. 

What pen though?!

Ah, I think it was the smallest one in this set. A pen from the Sakura Micron line was a close second. Felt-tips seem to do the trick, although don’t quote me on that.